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Good Thru Dec 31st, 2016

Our greatest strength...

is helping you find yours


why you think the way you think.


how you respond to stress.


how to optimize your performance.


cognitive abilities

What are your specific intellectual strengths that you can harness when making decisions? What are the areas that you can improve to best optimize your thought process? How well can you “think on your feet” in fluid, rapidly changing emergencies?

stress tolerance

Exactly how much does your performance degrade when your work stress increases? How does your body physiologically react to stress - and how unhealthy is your specific stress response?

situational awareness

How well can you handle working in a rapidly-changing, fluid environment with many distractors - like an unpredictable fire or disaster? Which specific kinds of work environments help you focus better? Which distractions impact your  performance the most? Which don’t affect you at all?

social abilities

Is your E.Q. as high as your I.Q.? Can you interpret people’s facial expressions and body postures accurately or do you miss important social cues unless they are spelled out clearly? Are you a “team player”?

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"I went through the assessment and was extremely impressed - truly a revolutionary product in the field of assessment. I strongly recommend the product to anyone working in any branch of the U.S. military or federal/state law enforcement."

- Andrew O’Connell

Former Special Agent U.S. Secret Service

Currently CEO of International Security Firm

"I can honestly say that whatever success I achieve after my transition out of the military will, to some degree, be a direct result of the incredibly valuable results of this assessment!”

- Noah Smith

Senior Special Operator

U.S. Special Operations

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